Not That Easy To Love

Jesus said “When they strike you on one cheek, show him the other”. My faith tells me to adhere to a motto of “Love for All and Hatred for None” and to undergo a Jihad (struggle) that is to love others and through compassion. But this can only hold so true in the present state of affairs of our world.

Our earth is one screwed up place and there’s no denying or turning a blind eye to it. We got millions (maybe even billions) of people living in constant poverty everyday all over the world. Whether in Africa or Asia or even right here in Downtown Toronto where there are tons of homeless people. And the rich governments of the world don’t give a damn about the populace or of the destitute. They hide their real agenda under many layers of secrets and lies fed to the general public through the media and their own public announcements. The real agenda of most governments today is for the first world nations to become even richer and the third (and sometimes second) world nations to get poorer. They enforce this agenda covertly while making sure the masses and general populace is dumbified and ignorant by their tactics (namely, the media, pop culture, television, and music). And most people in third world countries cannot even recieve a proper education so they are also quite ignorant of the realities of the world and very often illiterate as well.

Take the USA for example. They are planning to build a new oil pipeline (they built one already) from Iraq through Afghanistan. Why do you think they randomly started saying that Iran has a nuclear weapons threat? They did THE SAME EXACT THING to Iraq almost a decade ago. And what happened to Iraq? The same thing that happened to Afghanistan. Is it a coincedence that they just recently “discovered” rich mineral deposits of immense proportions there, mostly consisting of precious metals? In my ancestral home, Afghanistan, poverty and lack of education is so rampant that it’s hard to imagine. Many families are so addicted to opium (Afghanistan produces 90% of the worlds’ opium illegally) that there have been many cases in which a family would rather use the little money they have to buy opium rather than FOOD.
And the rich governments of the world are enforcing this agenda, while hidden under the guise of saving the world.

Then we have so many people destroying the environment and treating it as a commodity to be used at leisure by humans. We’re also endangering species at the same time through over-hunting or poaching. Then we got rapists and criminals all over the world, who commit crimes to for a sense of self-security, or due to less likely causes of mental health issues or to survive.

Then we got the music industry injecting constant imagery of sex, drugs, money, and fame into our minds in every song. All mainstream/pop songs are about relationships or one of those topics. This is an attempt of them trying to keep us stupid and ignorant. Who cares about the world and what’s going around us! Let’s fret over how many girls we can get or how much money we have. They glorify fame and money to such an extent that EVERYONE wants it no matter what. It becomes the ideal of living, rather than compassion, love, honesty, integrity, humility and other morals. And anyone who raps/sings about reality, isn’t usually very famous or rich, with the few exceptions (Lupe Fiasco, Eminem [now], Immortal Technique).

Then we got bullying and racism everywhere on the globe, which is also a big problem.

The point I’m trying to make is that it may all seem very easy on paper to love everyone and give everyone a second chance, but in reality it’s quite hard. It’s really hard to pray for your enemies while you’re alone. If someone killed your brother, would you love the criminal and pray for him? Is it easy to love the people that are ruining our earth and causing the poor to get poorer and rich to get richer? I see that the people are ignorant and brainwashed enough that they actually do love the so-called musicians instilling horrible ideologies in our minds (Rihanna, Lady Gaga, etc.).

It ain’t that easy to love nahmeannn?


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