Q: yes most terrorists are muslim however they are misguided and brainwashed by other radical Muslims because theyre resentful towards the western world because of the misconception about Muslims and they feel the need to defend their religion.

A: No I beg to differ. Terrorists are not following Islam of any sort. The Qur’an itself says “There is no compulsion in religion”, “For you is your religion and for me mine”, and “If you kill one person, it would be as if you killed all mankind, and if you saved one person from death, it would be as if you saved all mankind”.

In true Islam as practiced by the Prophet Muhammad (sa) and his companions, there is no place for aggression of any sort, or militarism. In fact, when the people of Mecca used to throw insults at the Prophet Muhammad (sa), throw stones on him and even torture the Muslims there, instead of fighting back, the Prophet (sa) left Mecca altogether to preserve peace. When the Prophet came back many years later to Mecca and had conquered the area, instead of holding prisoners or killing the inhabitants, he forgave EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM, even though they had conducted such atrocities that are unknown to man (ie. they would kill Muslim women by placing one leg on one camel and the other on another camel, tying up the woman and making the camels walk away in opposite directions so the woman would be literally torn apart through the middle).

The Muslim greeting “Salam” (As-salamu ‘Alaykum) means “May PEACE be upon you.” What is the point of saying may peace be upon you if you seek to disturb the balance and not have peace?

Terrorists in my view are resentful to the Western World because of a wrong interpretation of the Qur’an, where all they want to do is kill the “infidel” non-believers. But if they had studied the Qur’an properly, there is clearly a verse that says “The Jews, Christians, Sabians and Muslims that do good deeds shall all go to Heaven”. Also, at the time of the Prophet (sa), he himself let a Christian group from Najran pray in his mosque and was peaceful towards them. The early Muslims lived in peace and harmony alongside Jews and Christians. This is perhaps best shown by the old Moorish Empire of Spain, in which the Muslim government allowed for the Mosque to be 1 third church and 1 third synagogue.

Also, most terrorists (or at least the ones at the top) are in affiliation with the USA anyway. They are working together. Osama bin Laden’s father was a major supplier of oil to the USA and was a good friend of George Bush the Senior. I have a gut feeling 9/11 was staged. All of this of course so that the US can become richer and exploit third world middle eastern nations. Ie. they want to build a pipeline from Iraq through Iran. Also, Afghanistan is extremely rich in minerals, especially precious gems.

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