Mirror of Charm and Beauty

“Lo! How manifest is the light of God, Who is the ultimate source of all light;
The whole universe is turning into a mirror for the eyes to perceive Him.

While watching the moon last night, I became greatly agitated;
Because in it I found some traces of the beauty of my Beloved.

Under the influence of that consummate Beauty, my heart is in a state of turmoil;
Speak not to me of the comeliness of the Turk or the Tartar.
O my Beloved!, How wonderful is Your creative

power manifested everywhere;
Whichever way I look I find a road leading to You!.

In the fountain of the sun, the tides of Your power are witnessed;
Every star is twinkling with Your glory.

With Your own hand You have sprinkled salt over smarting hearts;
Which results in agonized cries of pining lovers.

No one can comprehend the consumate design of Your creation;
Who can disentangle the web of this baffling riddle?

It is Your charm which is the essence of every beauty;
Every flower that blossoms forth borrows its colour from the splendour of Your attributes.

The mellow intoxicating eyes of all who are endowed with beauty remind one of You
every moment;
To You is turned the pointing finger of every curly lock.

With what mysterious qualities You have endowed every particle;
Who can read through the voluminous accounts of these mysteries?”

– Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad al-Qadiyani (as), the Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi of the latter days, as foretold by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa)

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