I’m starving for life’s answers, while I’m on a marvelous quest,
Though, it seems the closer I look; the farther I get.
I’m thirsting for truth, or some sort of cause to be courted,
I’m a down to earth person, yet my thoughts are in orbit.
I don’t know where to look yet; no igniting a spark,
I need a light bulb to turn on and get me out of the dark.
Hopefully soon; because every night on my mattress I’m turning,
I can’t drive down memory lane, without crashing and burning.
I’m really done with the bullshit, I’ve felt this horror for ages,
So now you can’t read me like a book, because I tore up the pages.
Forget a mortified approach, I’m not taking it slow,
Because even a turn for the worst still gives you places to go.
And it seems so simple, so I’m no longer blocking my gift.
I need to stop turning whats deep down into a bottomless pit,
And follow my true self; and hopefully that essence is rap,
I’ve been too busy searching for answers, without an ‘X’ on the map.
So it’s clear I should ask, why be fearful and shook that?
I now need to face myself without a mirror to look at.
Then start keeping in charge, I’ve got to be seen from a far,
I stay grounded, but still try and reach for the stars.
I’ll come out blazing, I’ve already created a spark,
Now any fork in the road is just where I’m laying my mark.
Now I know that I’m the only one I should trust as a person,
And the only real truth in life; is that nothing is certain.




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