Help Out in the Pakistan Floods Relief Effort

Pakistan Floods

A Message to Muslims:

As we sit here in First World countries eating good food for our Iftars, we should bear in mind the hardships that the victims of the Pakistan floods are going through. And through all that they STILL observe Ramadan too. The situation is so precarious there that some people are even throwing stones on wild boars just to survive, and we know that eating boars is haraam. All my Afghan brothers/sisters should especially help as most of the area affected consists of Pashtuns (like myself).

A Message to my Brothers/Sisters in Humanity:

These people really need help and if you have any heart at all you would help out in the relief effort. International Disaster Analysts have said that the floods are “threatening more people than this year’s Haiti earthquake and the 2004 Indonesian tsunami combined.”

Donate to Pakistan flood charities today!

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