The Rose – AcidFlow

I wrote this poem a long time ago, so forgive me for its style and composition:

Let the rose bud in the early twilight mist 

Surely doth it glow, with drops of dew kissed 

Let this rose go forth to a far mountain, a valley 

Take it there with you; hark, do not dally 

And there plant the rose so it may blossom forth 

Where it is planted duly, in the far north 

So does a winter pass, bringing with it all the gloom 

Until springtime falls upon the north, bringing with it the rose in bloom 

Within the winter solstice is, that time the lover travels far and wide 

With the full moon and the Northern Star, being his sole and only guide 

He  searcheth for the rose, planted by his love 

Findeth he the tree, whereupon sat the dove 

And evermore the lover  searcheth for what that springtime bore 

Though it is too late; his love is no more 

For that love was taken by a thief in the night 

The thief engulfed in darkness; opposite of light 

The thief being the one whom he gave his heart to 

Who stole his heart once, and now stole his love anew

For hath she said, I love you evermore 

But in truth was falsehood, she loved him nevermore 

And lay there the rose, forevermore, waiting to be found 

But the lover searcheth no more, his love sunk beneath the ground.

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