An Ode to Remembrance Day and War

Iraq was ruined due to America’s greed of its oil. Afghanistan was because of its large precious mineral deposits as well as opium (Afghanistan produces 90% of the world’s opium). Iran’s going on the same path because they don’t support Israel and the US want their oil, so they claim that Ahmedinejad has nuclear weapons or “weapons of mass destruction” aka Iraq all over again. 

And what really does the “War in Afghanistan” entail? There are no sides to this. Who is the US really fighting? I mean the First and Second World Wars there was actually a method behind the madness. Ie. in the Second War, the point was to stop Hitler’s Third Reich.

But Afghanistan? It’s a war “in” Afghanistan but there is no discrete enemy. The real terrorists are in fact the USA, sending un-manned drones to kill people in third world nations, and killing off entire villages of civilians (haha, it’s the Mai Lai Affair times 10 in Afghanistan). Then we got the rape and torture of civilians in Iraq (Abu Ghraib prison). Sure the Taliban and al-Qaeda are huge threats, but is there a reason to exploit oil and minerals along the way? And also disrupt thousands of lifestyles and kill off civilians?

Alas, that is why some soldiers commit suicide after hearing the harsh realities behind the war (obviously this isn’t on the news). 

I’m extremely against any foul-minded terrorists, committing felonies which are completely against and unrelated to Islam in any way. But I also don’t like the USA.

Obama said he’ll close down Guantanamo Bay. Did he do it? And they won’t even intervene when Israel stopped the 10-month peace moratorium on Palestinian settlement, even to preserve peace talks. President Abbass will now take this up at the UN level, but I’m sure they won’t do anything either. They do accuse Israel a lot of breaking International Law, but they never actually enforce it.

All in all, peace be upon our veterans who survived so much, peace be to the soldiers who are regular people in hellish scenarios, and peace be upon all the fallen soldiers who gave up their lives trying to find peace. 

Although it’s the conservative politicians (I don’t mean the Party), who are the masterminds behind all this activity in which the soldiers go to these nations in the first place. And this is all illegal in the fundamental human moral code. 

USA is an imperialist state enforcing colonialism under the name of democracy.

Canada is in my opinion the best nation in the world, however still a puppet to Israel. And maybe that’s why they didn’t win a seat in the UN General Assembly haha.

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