I was raised in a nation where payment became enslavement.

And born in a nation where stoning was just re-payment for being forsaken.

Yes, the land of the Taliban, border next to that Pakistan, and Iran.

And trapped in a bubble of comfort, is how I stand, speakin about Afghanistan, the damaged land.

And every year since 1987, when US elections elected a president who bought Iranian weapons,

I think a bit more on September 11, and then ruminate about the soldiers on November 11

That why we terminate, exterminate,

And kill the love and spill the blood?

If we a nation of deprivation then why we called a civilization?

Are we more civilized than dogs, cuz dogs sure don’t kill each other

But we refuse to listen, and kill the children and the mothers.

But some of us speak about injustice. And some of us creep with greed and lust, this-is something so unsettling.

Sometimes the whole big lesson’s always less-in to our heads and, we forget to count our blessings

And say that we all so destined for success when approaches a homeless war veteran

But we too busy to even notice;

Our minds are focused on more protesting.

But the lesson is that we should hold our breaths and leap into the lowest depths-in-

Side our souls and find some gold.

No, not the physical, we just need the spiritual.

We don’t even need to fuel our greed around the dough.

When money don’t really exist, it’s just a means to break our hopes.

Of the War in the East, the broken and beasts, the stolen elite, by a spoken increased greed of a horrible need for green paper bills.

And I’m hopin’ for peace, for the world, but the people in power rape her still.

(This is an unfinished poem, I wrote in 15 minutes at a spoken word poetry seminar)

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