Kingdom of Paradise

Read, speak, teach

What is written on the majestic tapestries of our hearts

Silent wisdom through words long forgotten entranced in a perpetual coma of uncertainty

The words: I love you

Resonate in the desert sands scorched by the wind of defeat


Paradise lies in the shadows cast by the illuminated being who created me from

Rahm رحم (Womb/Mercy)

My mother

My soul is an ocean eternally raging with hurricanes destroying the cities of anger and desire

And leaving the eye of the storm untouched

Balad al-Amīبلد الأمين (City of Security)


Children martyred in infancy reunited with their parents in the Garden of Bliss

Mountains of azure with cavernous chambers echoing the song within our fitrah فتره (nature) like eucalyptus music

Yā abatī يا أبتي (oh my dear father), my dear father is a king ruling over the Glass Palace with concealed streams of grace flowing beneath where my mother, a Queen of a forgotten realm stands

My mother is shams شمس (sun), my father is qamar قمر (moon), my brother is tāriq طارق  (morning star), my grandma is najm نجم (star), my grandpa is kawkab كوكب (planet)

In harmony I revolve around the celestial objects of my solar system

Our eyes tell a manuscript of struggles and happiness


On the mystic field our tears grow the Garden and take out ravaging forest fires

I tell myself I must cry to the Beloved to convert nāنار (fire) into nūنور (light) and jāجان (life) into jannah جنة (Paradise-Garden) 

Am I a good gardener?

Like the Messiah we garden, ripping weeds from the firmament and cultivating flowers of melancholy joy

A meeting of birds sing of future, past, and present


What is present but a dream and a dream but death and the future but uncertainty?

Unveiling of the 70,000 veils that keep my soul gloomy as a stormy sea with murky nimbus clouds like castles too shadowy to see my hand stretched out

Mukāshifah مكاشفة (Unveiling)


There is no “I” or “You” within “We”

Awlād أولاد (Children)

We are but a single body; when one limb hurts the rest of it is saddened

Ahad أحد (One)

In the beginning it was “alastu bi rabbikum?” ألست بربكم (Am I not your Lord?)

In the middle it is “be”

In the end it will be “peace”

Until then it is love

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