Life and Character of the Prophet (sa), Vol. 1

One of the most comprehensive, in-depth, and beautiful biographies of the Life and Character (Sirah) of the Prophet Muhammad, Seal of the Prophets and Best of all creation صلي الله عليه و سلم.

Contains an introduction to the Works of Geography of Arabia, Classical Arabic Literature (Adab), Exegesis of the Qur’an (Tafsir), Compilations of Narrations of the Prophet (sa) (Hadith), Historiographies of the Battles of the Prophet (sa) (Maghazi), and Biography of the Prophet (sa) (Sirah). Also includes an in-depth summary of Hadith Science (‘Ilm al-Hadith) and how to sift through fabricated and true narrations of the life of the Prophet (sa).

Then contains an exposition on the history, climate, geography, language, culture etc. of Arabia and its inhabitants, and the state of the ‘Arabs before the advent of Islam.

Then it contains a section on the history leading up to the birth of the Prophet (sa) including an exposition on Abraham (as) leaving Hagar (as) and Ishmael (as) in the desert of Arabia, the finding of the spring of Zamzam in the valley of Becca (Makkah) by Hagar (as) near the mountains of Saffa and Marwah, the rebuilding of the Ka’bah (Cube) by Abraham (as) and his son Ishmael (as) in Makkah, the history of the Quraysh tribes in Arabia, and an exposition on the mother of the Prophet and his immediate family (as). Also contains a map of the Ka’bah and its vicinity and a history of the caretakers and rebuilding of the Ka’bah in history.

Then talks about the tribal quarrels amongst the Quraysh and the events leading up to the birth of the Prophet (sa) including the siege of the Ka’bah by the As’hab al-Fil (People of the Elephant) and the marrying of ‘Abd al-Muttalib’s (real name Shaibah) son ‘Abd Allah to Aminah bint Wahb. ‘Abd Allah and Aminah were the parents of the Prophet (sa) who died while he was in infancy so he was left as an orphan.

Then contains an amazing and extremely well-written section on the life of the Prophet (sa) starting from his birth and life in Makkah.

                  al-Khattab Gate at Prophet's Mosque - Madinah al-Nabi al-Munawwarah (Illuminated City of the Prophet)

يا ربي صلي على نبيك دائما

في هذه الدنيا و بعث ثاني

 Oh my Lord perpetually bless your Prophet

In this world and in the next

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2 thoughts on “Life and Character of the Prophet (sa), Vol. 1

  1. Peaceworld says:

    was thinking of producing a detailed summary of the two volumes, but seems like a painfully long task.

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