My Forefathers

The Baghi Mausoleum at Jannat al-Baqi graveyard in Saudi Arabia (before 1925 when they demolished this) which held the body of my ancestor Imam Hassan ibn 'Ali

The Baghi Mausoleum at Jannat al-Baqi graveyard in Saudi Arabia (before 1925 when they demolished this) which held the body of my ancestor Imam Hassan ibn ‘Ali

Not many people have recorded narrations of their lineage, but I found out this after much searching and I thought it was cool. These are my forefathers on my maternal side:

– Tayyab Pirzada, son of Amtul Musawer Ejaz (born Sahibzadi Amtul Musawer Latif)

– Sahibzadi Amtul Musawer Latif, daughter of Sahibzada Fazil Latif

– Sahibzada Fazil Latif, son of al-Hafiz Sahibzada Tayyab Latif

– Hafiz Sahibzada Tayyab Latif (whom I’m named after, and was a Hafiz of the Qur’an), son of Sahibzada Syed Abdul Latif

– Sahibzada Syed Abdul Latif (, royal adviser to King Abdur Rahman of Afghanistan, companion of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as), ambassador for Afghan government for establishment of Durand Line, and second martyr in history of Ahmadiyya Islam (the first being his student, Maulvi Abdur Rahman), son of Syed Muhammad Sharif

– Syed Muhammad Sharif, descendant of Syed Ahmad Saeed

– Lineage here jumps to Syed Ahmad Saeed because the documents containing Sahibzada Syed Abdul Latif’s family genealogy were burnt when his house in Syedgah, Khost, Afghanistan was set ablaze

– Syed Ahmad Saeed, a resident of Saharanpur, India during the reign of Emperor Aurungzeb. His ancestors had migrated from Iran to India. He moved to the village of Syedgah, Khost, Afghanistan, due to the tumultuous situation in India. Descendant of ‘Ali Hujwiri.

– ‘Ali Hujwiri (, a Persian Sufi and scholar from Ghazni, Afghanistan, in the 11th century who significantly contributed to the spreading of Islam in South Asia. His tomb is in Lahore, Pakistan. Son of ‘Uthman al-Ghaznawi.

– ‘Uthman al-Ghaznawi, son of ‘Ali bin Abdul Rehman.

– ‘Ali bin Abdul Rehman, son of ‘Abdur Rahman bin Shujah

– ‘Abdur Rahman bin Shujah, son of Shujah bin Abu’l Hasan

– Shujah bin Abu’l Hasan, son of Abu’l Hassan bin al-Hasan

– Abu’l Hasan bin al-Hassan, son of Al-Hasan ibn Zayd

– Al-Hasan ibn Zayd (, governor of Medina under Caliph al-Mansur, son of Zayd bin Hassan

– Zayd bin Hasan, son of Imām Hassan

– Imām Hasan ibn ‘Ali (, known as the 2nd Imām of Shi’a Muslims and also to some Sunni Muslims as the 5th Rashidūn Caliph, respected by both Sunni and Shi’a Muslims as the grandson of the Prophet. The Prophet Muhammad (sa) having no male progeny that survived beyond infancy, loved both his grandsons Hasan and Hussayn. Son of ‘Ali bin Abi Talib and Fatimah bint Muhammad al-Zahra.

– Imām ‘Ali bin Abi Talib (, cousin and son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad (sa) who was raised in his house, considered the 1st Imām of Shi’a Muslims and 4th Rashidūn Caliph of Sunni Muslims; a highly important figure in Islam. Son of Abu Talib, the uncle of the Prophet Muhammad (sa).

– Fatimah bint Muhammad al-Zahra (, daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (sa), wife of ‘Ali and mother of Hassan and Hussayn (who was martyred in Karbala); another important figure in Islam. Daughter of Prophet Muhammad (sa).

– Abu’l Qasim Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullah (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam), Prophet of Islam.


2 thoughts on “My Forefathers

  1. Hi Tayyib sb. Glad to know your Lineage.Mashallah. You are one lucky guy.

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