Hadrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (Khalifa-tul-Masih IV) on the United Nations, Israel, and Palestine

khalifa IV
“I ask the Muslims, Arabs, and the world: What is the use of the United Nations? The United Nations only serves the interests of the rich and powerful nations.

It was 27 times that the Security Council branded Israel as an aggressor and asked it to vacate the forcibly occupied territories and desist from acts of aggression. All such resolutions were vetoed; in many cases the U.S. was the lone country that cast its negative vote to kill such resolutions.

What is the use of such a U.N., the constitution of which permits the powerful nations to make others the victims of their cruelty and yet not allow them to raise their voice of protest?

If they somehow manage to introduce such a resolution, it is vetoed and the big powers, through their tout, continue perpretrating cruelty. They virtually rule the world and govern the destinies of the nations. In the name of the United Nations, the rich and the strong punish the Arabs and Muslims with impunity and inflict cruelties and atrocities on them.

But when the friends of these powerful nations transgress, no punishment is meted out and only weak and ineffectual protest resolutions are passed.

When I was young, I was fond of raising chickens. I noted that some chickens have the habit of leaving droppings in their owners grounds while laying their eggs in the neighbour’s compound. Similarly, the United Nations leaves its droppings in the yard of the Arabs and Muslims, but lays its eggs in the West and in Israel. If that is the objective of the United Nations then it is necessary for the world to ponder over this matter.

Israel has perpetrated great cruelties on the poor Palestinians, has heaped scorn, victimized and ridiculed them. It has taken all Palestinian land and rendered them stateless. It oppresses and inflicts cruel punishments on them day and night. Palestinians have been slaughtered and their settlements destroyed. They have been rendered homeless.

The action of the U.S. in allowing Israel in doing this is similar to someone letting a bull loose in a crop field. A bull only eats the crops in the field but Israel is sucking the blood and devouring the flesh of the people while there is none to stop this brutality.”

– Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Caliph IV of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

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