The Path of Love – Poem by Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as)

“There is no short cut
Nearer than the Path of Love;
This indeed is the way
Which enables the pilgrim
To pass through thousands
Of valleys and plains infested
With dangerous thorns!
My dear friends, this alone
Is the secret of reaching Him;
It is an alchemy which shall place
At your feet an incalculable
Quantity of the purest gold!
The Arrow of the Appeal of Love
Never misses its mark;
So, ye Archers in this field,
Take care that you never
Slacken your speed!
Alone it is ‘Ishq
Which enables a man to traverse
All these dangerous jungles
Lying in the way of the Lord;
And it is ‘Ishq, again,
Which invests a man with strength
Enough to place his neck
Under the sharp edge
Of a merciless sword!
The first stage on the pilgrimage
Of Faqr is negation of Self;
Therefore, for the sake
Of the Beloved, do not fail
To reduce this rebellious Self,
In any case.
The fruit is always bitter
Before it has properly ripened;
And similar is the case of Īmān,
Of Belief and Faith in Allah,
Until the love in the heart
Of the devotee becomes
Overwhelmingly complete and full!”

― Hadrat Mīrzā Ghulām Ahmad al-Qādīyānīyy (‘alayhi al-salām), Promised Messiah and Imām al-Mahdī

[Barāhīn-e-Ahmadīyyah Vol. V]

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5 thoughts on “The Path of Love – Poem by Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as)

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  2. Shermeen says:

    Have stumbled upon this rather beautiful English rendering of the Promised Messiah’s علیہ السلام Urdu poetic verses. I see the translated verses are not in the original order but the depiction is most elegant and accurate.

  3. Shermeen says:

    Barahin e Ahmadiyya volume V is not yet translated. May I know where is this rendering taken from?

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